Life Force – Food, Farming and Gardening – part 1

The first conversation with Susanne Hovmand

This is the first video in a series of conversation documentaries with experts in this important subject.

Susanne Hovmand is the founder of the concept Life Force – Food, Farming af Gardening. You will find an exploding well of information and inspiration and quite a few surprising points to take away.

This first conversation will establish an understanding of WHAT IS LIFE FORCE? You will not find any person that is more well founded in explaining the overall and general way Life Force of the soil, the plants, the microorganisms, the animals and the human beings are interacting. Or is interacting, because it is one and the same Force of Life.

We shall in the further conversations with other people go in-depth with areas of understanding, that is not covered here, but for now a lot of ground will be covered.

Skriv et svar

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